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The benefits

Implementing the Matrix CMS platform will provide your organisation with many benefits including:

Increased revenue

  • Increase sales
    Cross-selling, up selling and comparative tables can be easily managed
  • Reduced “Time-to-Market”
    You can update your catalogue or website quicker
  • Increase marketing effectiveness
    Increase the number of catalogues you create, make more targeted catalogues or spend more time on design
    • Faster e-commerce
      Products can be approved and passed to e-commerce independently of print
    • Competitive pricing
      Prices can be changed automatically allowing you to react quickly to changing circumstances, specific customers or markets

Reduced costs

  • Manpower costs
    Because employees no longer spend hours searching for assets, styling text and organising layouts, use of external agencies or freelancers can be eliminated
  • Increase productivity
    Create catalogues in days instead of weeks
    • Freeing information
      Instead of having other departments or external bodies asking for assets, they can take text or image assets from the system “self-service”
    • Template Driven Automation
      When it’s more important to build than design

Improved flexibility

  • Target markets
    With reduced production times and the ability to re-use assets you can create more targeted publications
  • One-off publications
    Use the speed and flexibility of the system to test markets or try regional or customised publications
    • Freshen your look
      You can create fresh new looks by using assets not used before
    • Streamline production
      Product information can be collated, updated and checked throughout the year thus eliminating a bottleneck at peak production times

Reduced risk

  • Version control
    When things are changed erroneously or someone just changes their mind, you can go back to earlier versions
  • Audit trails
    Track all the production history and changes to data with real time job/page tracking
  • Quality data
    Reduce errors by making Matrix the single repository for your product data
    • Access rights
      Control which people or groups can add, delete, view or amend data in any particular part of the system
    • Improve accuracy
      Improved accuracy of information, via single entry updating, giving brand consistency

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