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BTC Activewear

Part of the Pan-European Falk & Ross group, Europe’s biggest multi-brand garment distributor, BTC Activewear are the UK’s biggest workwear distributor with the largest distribution centre in the industry at their HQ in Birmingham.

Traditionally BTC created their catalogues completely manually, but with increasing numbers of brands, more products and much more volatility in prices, it had started to become unmanageable.

Data such as pricing and sizing is stored in a back-end system called FashionMaster from which Matrix takes a data feed. This data is further embellished with marketing copy, colour swatches, brand logos, images and alternate sizing. From this pool of data, product proofs are created and stored within the CMS.

Using the Matrix CMS browser interface, the proofs can be checked for accuracy by suppliers and any amends suggested. Because this process is taking place throughout the year, the system is in a constant state of “readiness” with all products complete and correct. When a catalogue is required these pre-checked product proofs are stitched together to form a catalogue, a process which means a catalogue page takes about 15 seconds to create, check and complete. This speed and accuracy results in 240 pages an hour being created.

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