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Catalogue Production

The production of a catalogue, either printed or online, can be a complex and time-consuming task if not approached using the right tools. The product information stored and utilised, as well as the staff required to produce the catalog, can all be in different geographical locations making the task even more onerous.

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Printed catalogues

The Matrix platform has been designed to make the production of a printed catalogue fast and efficient. It manages the workflow required as well as enabling digital sign-off of text, images and page proofs with access rights controlled throughout the system.

Online publishing

Because Matrix is multichannel it can publish your product information to a website, but Matrix  can also help publish catalogue data online, such as producing  interactive PDFs, Flash, HTML, XML, EPUBs plus publishing to  iPad and other tablets.

Key features

checklistPowerful page mock-up tool
Allows the page to be briefed visually in either a free-form or template design from any location.

checklistTemplate page export
Instead of manually briefing the page, automated templates can be used for fast automatic exports.

checklistPage plan overview
Automatically created allowing for rapid repagination.

checklistBuilt-in PDF proofing tool
For digital proofing and annotation.

checklistAutomatic index creation
Part number, alphanumeric or section indexes.

checklistBi-directional text link
Enables text amends and price updates to be made instantly.

checklistSupports multi-language and multi-currency
Unicode text allows any language to be used so you can reach overseas markets with a minimum of fuss.

Key features

checklistAttach links to pages
Allows for interactive pages, links to e-commerce or navigation tools.

checklistFamiliar tools
By using your normal DTP software, you can quickly produce electronic catalogues.

checklistReuse design and data
Matrix can help you create electronic catalogues without starting from scratch, either converting your printed catalogues or reusing existing text and images.


Retain design control
By using your existing DTP applications you can create online catalogues which have a rich content and aesthetic feel of a printed catalogue, instead of a glorified website.

Matrix provides the best content management and product information publishing tool to help expand your company’s online revenues without additional costs or resources.

It can store images in any format, open any image format and convert and re-size a copy to a web-friendly format such as an RGB JPEG as and when required. Ideal for storing a single hi-res image and repurposing it for any channel.

Carefully controlled

From initial page planning through data integration to the final online publishing or printing, the whole process needs to be carefully managed and the relevant designers and sign-off included at all stages. Access rights also need to be carefully controlled to ensure only authorised staff are making the final decisions.

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