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MatrixCMS and your design workflow

If you’re designing a large website and creating catalogues, you should be aiming to streamline your team’s workflow. Whether it’s managing your digital assets, tracking production or responding to feedback, PIM and MatrixCMS help simplify day-to-day design work.

Here are just a few of the things MatrixCMS and product information management can help you with…

Digital assets, all in one place

Sick of trawling through the archives to dig out pictures, logos, banners and everything else? With PIM systems like MatrixCMS you’ll save a ton of design time – your digital assets are centrally managed, meaning you’ll find them all in one place. Your assets are categorised, sectioned and tagged to make them easy to find with a quick search, so you’ll know exactly where to go when you need something.

Simple design creation and production

MatrixCMS is bursting with functionality that makes catalogue design nice and easy. It automatically repaginates brochures and catalogues as you go, and creates indexes and content sections to boot. They might only be little jobs, but when you’re working to a deadline it’s always best to save time where possible. In this vein, bi-directional text linking means all text within your brochure is up to date and any changes are reflected within your product information database.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Proofing and editing are big parts of any design workflow, and MatrixCMS hooks directly into InDesign to make the process easier than ever. For a start, it’s paperless, so you won’t be passing bits of paper between different members of the team and there’s less chance of changes being lost. Thanks to InDesign, designers can issue page proofs to stakeholders who can nip into the MatrixCMS portal and retrieve them whenever they like. Once stakeholders have given design work a look, any of their changes, comments or annotations are synced up with the InDesign file and appear as an extra layer.

Keep on top of production

MatrixCMS offers realtime production overviews. When designing a catalogue, you can track production with the live view feature, giving you an insight into what still needs doing. MatrixCMS also tells you what digital assets, text or images are missing from your catalogue, and can be configured to provide notifications alerting you to any changes made so you don’t miss a beat.

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