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Digital Asset Management

Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in the volume of digital assets that an organisation owns. From photographic images to documents, logos, PDFs and videos these valuable resources need to be properly stored, managed and distributed to ensure an organisation can obtain the full return on the investment made in them.

Matrix CMS Offers

The Matrix CMS platform ensures that an organisation can maximise the use of and return from its important digital assets

Version Control

Complex searches by product information

Photography briefing tools

Asset format conversion

Flexible access and permission control

Web based ‘asset shop’ & supplier portal for upload of assets

Problem solved

Without a platform in place to manage digital assets, many problems will occur. From wasted time spent looking for a file through to using an out-dated version of a picture or needing to repurchase a lost image, the costs can soon mount up.

Photo brief screenshot
Photo brief screenshot

Centralised store

Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides a centralised store for all digital media, enabling an organisation to collate, manage and distribute their investment across the entire company.

Fully integrated and comprehensive Digital Asset Management solution

The Matrix CMS platform delivers a fully integrated and comprehensive DAM solution. Uniquely, Matrix links your digital assets to the built-in PIM system, meaning that as well as using metadata to find your assets, they can be much more easily accessed by linking to the PIM system. Via this product link, assets can be found by any product attribute. This helps to ensure that there is only one master set of digital assets for a company, so that everyone will be working with the correct version.

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