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eCommerce, PIM and seasonal changes

When a new shopping season rolls around, it’s important to have your newest product lines set and ready to go. A quality PIM system can help you get your products in order and streamline the launch process.

Customers will be eager to get their hands on the latest products as soon as they’re available, and if you’re not ready in time, they’ll look elsewhere. That’s why you need a PIM system that helps you manage all the new gear, prep it for debut, and sort all the content you want to go with it.

Getting started

With a PIM system you can organise your product information well beforehand, making a solid foundation for launch day. You’ll be able to tag and categorise all the new stuff, place it into the appropriate section and make it customer-ready for when it’s time to go live. Not only that, but the best PIM systems should allow users to target multiple markets, meaning your new products can reach the maximum number of customers.

When a new product hits the web, you need to make your listing stand out from the competition – that’s where rich product content and digital assets come in. Pictures, videos and reviews help users engage with products (especially if it’s something they’re not familiar with), and could encourage them to make a purchase. A PIM system makes digital asset management simple and effective. Its streamlined search functionality means you won’t be digging through servers all day to find what you need – simply search for tags, keywords or elements of product information and you should find what you need with minimal hassle.

The run up

As the seasonal switchover draws closer, it’s worth getting things finalised and ready to go. PIM systems like MatrixCMS plug directly into InDesign, and streamline the proofing and editing process. It makes the whole thing paperless, and provides both designer and client with full visibility. Best of all, it’s all accessible in one place, so designers won’t be going back and forth trying to find the latest proofs at the last minute.

PIM provides a seamless production workflow too. You can easily view each stage of production and identify hold-ups, which is great if you need your web listing ready in time for the new season. The system will also flag up places where digital assets are needed, whether it’s images or text, and you can even program it to give you notifications as changes occur.

Launch day

The new season is here and you’re ready to set everything live. With a PIM system (like MatrixCMS) the simple click of a button will do, and then all your new product listings will be up online for customers to view. Because your PIM allows for complex product searches, it should be easier than ever for customers to find the stuff they’re after, and multi-market targeting, tailored audience messaging and multi-language functionality means your new seasonal content will be reaching and engaging as many people as possible.

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