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Enterprise Content Management

Every organisation has built up a vast repository of information over the years. From text and images through to video and sound files, the list will be long and growing. Managing all this content is vital in ensuring that an organisation can quickly find and use the relevant information when producing marketing collateral.

Key Features

With its intuitive interface, Matrix CMS provides the following features

Web content management

Content authoring and editing.

Digital asset management

Centralised store for all types of digital media.

Product information management

Collate, control and communicate all product information across the organisation.

Document management

Check in/checkout control, version control and library services.


Supporting business processes, routing content and assigning tasks.

With built-in workflow management, all processes are optimised to ensure that tasks are completed on time and in-budget.

Efficient and fast

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system can help manage all the different types of content that a 21st Century organisation needs to succeed. From managing digital assets through to product information management, a good ECM will also incorporate workflow, to support your business processes and make sure the production of marketing collateral from your stored content is efficient and fast.

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Management of all enterprise content

The Matrix CMS platform has been designed to deliver management of all your enterprise content. It enables content to be accessed and used across the entire business, allowing the benefit from your assets to be maximised. This covers:

  • Web content management – content authoring and editing
  • Digital asset management – centralised store for all types of digital media
  • Product information management  – collate, control and communicate all product information across the organisation
  • Document management – check-in/checkout control, version control and library services
  • Workflow – supporting business processes, routing content and assigning tasks

Whatever type of content you own, the Matrix CMS platform is able to manage it for you, ensuring that the latest versions are always available for your staff to utilise, no matter where they are located.

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