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Why you need a web content management system

You need to effectively manage your web content in order to get the most out of it. A quality content management system can help remove the hassle of juggling all your web assets, and if you’re dealing with a large database of digital assets, product information and listings, a reliable management system is something to consider. 

Here’s a list of things a web content management system could help you with.

Centralised asset management

It’s always handy to have all your digital assets in one place. Any good management system should centralise content, storing all product descriptions, images, logos and digital files alongside associated products for ease of access.

Organised information

When it comes to organisation, simple functions such as categories, sections and tagging can make all the difference. When all your web content is categorised and split into sections, you won’t need to scour your database when a simple search will suffice. Tagging makes this process nice and easy, with digital assets and product information being tagged with keywords that provide complex and accurate search functionality.

Multi-domain publishing

If you’re an online retailer, there’s a good chance you’ll be operating a number of different domains. An effective web content management system should allow users to distribute their stuff across all sites from one screen, without the need for different interfaces or systems.

Multi-market targeting

If you’re looking to reach a broad customer base, it’s handy to have a content management system that allows you to gear your digital assets to different audiences, brands and markets. Whenever you’re updating or altering product information or listings, a good PIM (product information management) system like MatrixCMS will seamlessly roll out updates to all pages and publications. Multiple product descriptions, as well as digital assets, can be tagged to individual products allowing for a more tailored audience experience.

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