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Product Information Management

The process of developing, producing, distributing and supporting products is now a complex task.

In many organisations, product information is stored in different silos leading to inconsistent data, duplication of work, errors and ultimately reduced competitiveness and profitability.

Key features

With its intuitive interface Matrix CMS provides the following PIM system features

Digital Asset Management

Comprehensive data exchange and searching

Marketing collateral management and publishing

Analysis of product performance

Enables easier data governance, inheritance and assignment

Supports complex and custom data hierarchies and taxonomies

With built-in workflow management, all processes are optimised to ensure that tasks are completed on time and in-budget. An essential component to your business software.

Multi-dimensional approach

Frequently, product information is owned and managed by different groups within the organisation, typically in different geographical locations. This can lead to single views of the data being developed rather than the multi-dimensional, multichannel approach that is now required for success.

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Central repository

The need for a central repository of company product information is therefore vitally important in ensuring that consistent and accurate information is available across multiple channels. Creating a single source enables an organisation to collate, control and communicate product information, both internally and externally.

Complete Product Information Management platform

The Matrix CMS software offers the complete Product Information Management (PIM) platform.  It allows you to create a single and trusted repository of data that enables you to enter information once and manage and share it across all of your channels.

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