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Retail has come a long way and so have we

It’s been more than 25 years since Matrix hit the scene. In that time, the world of print and digital marketing has seen some big changes, and we’ve had to change things up a few times to keep up with changing retail trends and the rise of new technologies. 

Matrix was formed all the way back in 1991. Back then, creative departments primarily produced collateral for print. Then web came along and customers demanded more from retailers, including expanded product lines and rich media in product descriptions. This meant that marketers had to adapt to multiple new marketing channels while still producing high quality print material. We responded by creating MatrixCMS – an integrated product management and publishing solution – which continues to be used by some of the world’s largest retailers.

With MatrixCMS, your assets are categorised, sectioned and tagged to make them easy to find with a quick search, so you’ll know exactly where to go when you need something. And it’s bursting with functionality that makes catalogue design nice and easy. It automatically repaginates brochures and catalogues as you go, creates indexes and content sections, manages cross references, and tells you what digital assets, text or images are missing from your catalogue.

Bear in mind that print is still relevant to the modern marketing landscape – it boasts a response rate 600% higher than its digital counterparts, and personalised print and digital marketing can have a tangible effect of up to 31% boost in profits. So for any retailer wanting to get the most out of their print and digital marketing content, MatrixCMS is an ideal fit.

Of course, the team’s grown since we launched MatrixCMS (and we’ve scaled up to a swish new office in Manchester!), and so too have customer needs, so we knew it was time to take our PIM offering to the next level. Allow us to introduce Pimberly – the most powerful PIM solution on the planet.

Pimberly lets you efficiently manage more products, with increased control and higher efficiency than ever, while still providing compelling, high quality product information. It allows you to produce the very best rich product content and deliver it with ease, and its intuitive user interface is designed for speed and productivity, and is adaptable to your needs.

Its product filters allow users to search their product database by attribute, such as manufacturer or brand – just like an eCommerce website. Attributes are configurable, as are products, and users can add or change descriptions, images and video, categories, copy, price, and more. The Feeds feature can receive data from any number of disparate sources such as data aggregators, suppliers and ERP systems, and shows users where the product information originated. Channels deliver data to any external source, including your website, customer support and ERP systems, resellers and more, and shows users where product data is being delivered to.

Simply put, Pimberly affords users greater control over the quality of their data. It helps distributors stay ahead in the marketplace by providing a completely scalable, easy to use solution for automated product information management. It allows content to be pushed out across all routes-to-market quicker than ever, and as a cloud-based platform, Pimberly makes the management of rich data hassle-free, while reducing maintenance costs, work-hours and implementation times from months to days.

Likewise, Pimberly will not only save retailers time with automated data cleansing and enrichment processes, they’ll see an increase in customer loyalty, too. Customers tend to lose faith in a brand if they’re presented with inaccurate information too often. But with Pimberly, users can rest assured that any inaccuracies will be filtered out before customers see them. It’ll also make sure that rich data is enhanced for SEO, and localisation functionality will help retailers reach their intended audience wherever they are.

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