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Matrix Software is a small, agile, focused group of programmers who care passionately about creating the best multi-channel applications available.

We take pride in making solid, beautiful and functional systems with a particular focus on usability, simplicity and clarity of design.

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Lean & mean

We don’t sell “boxes

We seem to be getting something right because we’ve never lost a single client to a competitor, whilst at the same time around 20% of our business comes from people migrating away from our rivals!

Whilst the underlying system is consistent and solid, we customise every Matrix intallation’s user interface so it reflects the client’s naming conventions and data requirements. Also we originate all our own software. We’re not resellers, so you don’t have to wait whilst we contact “head office” or “ring the supplier” when you have a question.

“Big enough to cope but small enough to care” might be a cheesy phrase you see on the back of plumbers’ vans but we believe that by being a smaller company we’re able to remain agile, price competitive and still deliver successful systems time after time.

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No sales men

Total support


Our best salespeople are our existing clients, so we don’t need an in-house sales-force. Many systems are sold by word-of-mouth and our customers are happy to talk to prospects about why they chose Matrix and why they left our competitors.

Your support calls are answered by a programmer, not some faceless, call-centre drone following a script. This means your support query is answered promptly and knowledgeably. Minor changes to the system are covered by your maintenance contract so you can continue to tweak and amend the system to your changing requirements, without facing a hefty bill for each minute change.

Formed in 1991 by MD Nick Speakman, we’ve acquired an impressive list of ‘blue-chip’ clients in a wide variety of market sectors. Our software helps some of the biggest companies in Europe, with our largest system serving 200 users across 3 sites. We’ve never undergone a “management buyout” or “corporate restructuring” or any other euphemism for the financial calamities that have beset many of our rivals.

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Matrix Software is a small, agile, focused group of programmers who care passionately about creating the best database publishing applications available.


“The support received from the Matrix team is 100% and you never feel you are on your own”

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