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Our database and graphic design expert.

Dreams about database normalisation diagrams and allegedly knows the kerning pair values for every weight of Helvetica by heart! Started Matrix in his bedroom in 1991.

Our I/O expert.

ODBC, XML, SOAP, SAP, Dynamics NAV, there isn’t a system, database or protocol he hasn’t connected to, shoved stuff into or pulled stuff out of. Huffs and puffs for 5 minutes about the complexity of the task in hand before completing it in under 4 minutes.

Our sensible corporate expert.

An ex-Oracle employee who worked on implementing systems in loads of household names such as; Kellogg’s, Barclays, Royal Sun Alliance and United Utilities. Keeps the rest of us in check.

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Our Linux, Windows and cloud expert.

Youngest member of the team. Types everything into terminal session, and treats mice with deep suspicion. We suspect he yearns for an age before his birth of mainframes and punch cards.

Our internet, Objective C and UI expert.

Has been known to say “That’s 1 pixel out” when examining other people’s interfaces. Uses cascading style sheets on ‘post-it’ notes and ends every sentence with a semi-colon.

Our Javascript, PHP and Apache expert

The most qualified of us, with a masters degree, Matt is an amazingly talented developer but with absolutely no concept of time. His estimates are usually out by at least a factor of ten.

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Our Project Management expert.

Lisa came from one of our agency clients, where she helped setup systems, organise data, plan and schedule work and manage customers… and now she does exactly the same thing for us.

Our partner in the States.

Steve has not only managed catalogue production (using a competitor’s system) but he’s helped scope, configure, install and train numerous systems (for a competitor). We don’t hold any of this against him though as this vast knowledge is what made him want to work with Matrix.

Our man “down-under”.

Andy is originally a “pom” from Brighton, but with a Kiwi wife and kids he’s lived in New Zealand for years. He has a vast knowledge of print production and has helped some of the biggest names in Australasia get the most from their catalogues and product information.

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Matrix Software is a small, agile, focused group of programmers who care passionately about creating the best database publishing applications available.


The support received from the Matrix team is 100% and you never feel you are on your own.

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