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Workflow Management

Managing the production of marketing communications or product information is a complex process. Ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them and when, as well as knowing what stage a piece of work is at, is a challenge.

Speed up your production process

Matrix CMS has been designed to make the whole production and product information collation process faster and easier by including a number of unique tools:

Page live view

See instantly how far catalogue production has progressed.

Colour code production stages

Makes it possible to quickly spot pages that are causing hold-ups in production.

Work lists

Users can see what tasks they have to perform.

Product workflow

Track what elements are missing from your digital assets, images or product text.


Check product allocation and categorisation in a simple plan view.


Unobtrusive messaging tells users when changes to production occur.

Using the Matrix CMS platform makes it easier to assign clear responsibility, accountability and task allocation. It will also improve communication and co-operation and provide greater clarity of the status of the project.

A shared view

Access to a shared view of a project can minimise the administrative overhead of a publication and improve collaboration across the organisation – no matter where staff are located. This leads to improved efficiency, cost reduction and potentially an improvement in the overall quality of your communication.

PDF markup screenshot
PDF proof screenshot

An easily viewable format

The Matrix CMS platform allows you to assign ownership of various processes within the system; setting time-scales, tracking changes in a detailed audit trail and most importantly displaying information about the status of work in an easily viewable format.

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